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Leadership, team workshop, executive coaching, public speaking; join the power of meaningful conversation and learning

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'365 Must Know TALKS
of all time'

365 Must-Know Talks of all Time developed from a small idea… to blog every day for a year on a topic that scares the pants off of most - one that induces anxiety, sweaty palms and perhaps the thought that a defibrillator should be in close proximity: Presentation Skills!

What makes a talk memorable? Is it content? Body language? Personality? The ideas themselves? In ‘365 Must-Know Talks’, Caroline runs the gamut of history, philosophy and social media, exploring both written and spoken word to unearth some of the greatest talks of all time.

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What is Talk Talk?

It's an exciting time for me in my career...some 15 years ago I started Talk Talk.  Hit the pause on it and entered into the world of the big consulting houses.  I had the opportunity to resurrect my first baby, Talk Talk in 2020. It's been a volcanic eruption of creativity, curiosity and learning.  

We are an elite boutique consulting shop that is highly sought after for our leadership and public speaking expertise.  We exude passion, kindness, and navigate our internal and external interactions with effervescence. 


We are a purpose driven organization and behave and aspire to make a real difference in and out of the business world.  Our sister organization, The One Stop Special Needs Shop, demonstrates this commitment. 

We like to see ourselves as cool, fearless, curious leaders and learners.  We study our craft like DaVinci studied the Universe.

Who is Caroline?

Hi!  I’m Caroline.  I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little about me.  The super-duper short story?  I’m the founder and Principal of Talk Talk and The One Stop Special Needs Shop.

I’m a writer, speaker, storyteller, painter, road map-maker, novice calligrapher, lover of 4am’er’, mother, partner and philosopher.  People tell me I sparkle when I work, so who am I to disagree?  It’s a decent enough descriptor if you ask me.

I’m a questioner, fascinated by what makes leaders tick.  I’m a challenger, talker of all things communication, philanthropist, curriculum designer, lover of the Greek philosopher, squeezer of the last year of my 40s like a dog with her favourite squeaky toy.


Phone: 403-461-4210

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