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Unique Value


Learning is our passion.  Transformation is our result.  Here's the kicker...we actually believe that kindness is the secret sauce to transformation.  Paying attention to the 'human' side of organizational change is paramount.


Talk Talk helps you build and grow your employee experience. Our firm is dedicated to providing expertise in advice, design and execution of the biggest people challenges. We have a unique set of principles that guide our client interactions and relationships that sets us apart from other professional services firms. We believe that each client is uniquely different and so are the solutions. We offer deep customization to every single project.

  • Deep Subject Matter Expertise - Our model, we are a fluid organization where a 'dream team' of consultants come together to tackle specific projects.  Caroline hand picks the specific subject matter expertise/consultants dependent on project, scope and client fit.  Once completed the team disbands, ready to come back together when needed.  The system works beautifully, clients get best-in-class consultants without doing the leg work of finding them.    Our consultants undergo a rigorous process to ascertain skill-set and level of expertise.   Our consultants serve in a breadth and depth of subject matter expertise including, in part: Leadership is Caroline's jam having spent 25+ years consulting in and around the topic; continuous improvement; change; executive coaching; wellness/mindfulness; organizational design; succession planning; team development; assessment capability; facilitation; communication and business acumen. We have access to premier consultants throughout Canada including; Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Victoria, Regina and Toronto and we can work anywhere in the world.

  • Trust - Everyone uses the words 'Trusted Advisors' but what does it really mean?  For us at Talk Talk, it's about nurturing deep relationships with our clients where we invest very consciously in developing durable, positive trust-based relationships.  Our focus is simple:  our clients.  Trust is not something that just happens or doesn't.  It requires a conscious commitment and ongoing attention.  It is dynamic, it can be lost and it can be increased.  It is not a mystical property that we have no control over.  We have to decide to give it and commit to it and...we do! With a focus on the building blocks of trust; psychological safety, competence, developing a trust process, boundaries, positive intent and forgiveness we are able to translate our personal philosophy into our client experiences.  Why is this so important?  All of this delivers measurable business impact.  

  • Customized & Flexible Delivery - No plug and play here!  Sure, we have theories, philosophies, we have our elements of leadership etc., but every single project is handled as unique.  We offer deep customization to every single project.  We want to understand the transformation that you are heading into from every angle.  We appreciate that it may be daunting, but rest assured we know how to help you navigate it.  We'll check out the technical components of your transformation and dig into the 'soft skill' competencies required to execute the change.  Know what?  We're pretty darn fantastic at developing soft skills at Talk Talk.  Whether it is influencing skills, delegation skills, developing strategic thinking or everything in-between, we've got it covered. Oh and our approach and tools are designed to be effective in person, remotely or a combination.

  • Virtual Expertise - We’ve studied the employee experience by talking to our clients one-on-one and in roundtables during the pandemic to understand evolving trends in leadership, virtual work and the impact to organizations broadly. Boy, has the world changed in the last nine months!  We know clearly that the leader behaviours of yesterday are very different of the leader behaviours today and in the future.  Like you, we've shifted to the virtual world and there's no turning back!  We understand every virtual app, platform and technique out there and dare I say we are really good at it.  Virtual doesn't have to be a less interactive experience in fact, we've created ways for the virtual experience to be better than in person...whoa.  We understand the model for providing an engaging, effective and fun experience and has been tried, tested and has become sought after.

True partnership is our goal whereby all voices are heard, healthy conflict can emerge, and the best solution found...and, we try to have fun along the way too!

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Employee Value Proposition

We are an elite boutique consulting shop that is highly sought after for our leadership and public speaking expertise.  We exude passion, kindness and navigate our internal and external interactions with effervescence.  We are a purpose driven and behave to make a difference, in business and out.  This is further expressed by our sister organization, The One Stop Special Needs shop.  We provide support for families with children and adults with special needs.


We are cool fearless learners.  We study our craft like DaVinci studied the Universe.

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