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About What We Do?

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Leadership and Team 

  • No plug and play here!  We customize our content to fit your organizations needs.

  • Our learning and development approach is based on several success factors that have been tried, tested and validated:

    • Working in partnership with you to design organizational, behavioural, competency change

    • Develop training content and materials from understanding the desired future state

    • Develop a “hands-on” practical learning experience

    • Foster an optimal learning climate that bears in mind psychological safety to nurture a trusting environment where true learning happens and,

    • We believe learning should not only be engaging, interesting, informative but fun!  We are best in class virtual and in-person facilitators and trainers…big statement yes, but ask us how!

  • We have studied the pandemic and believe we are ahead of the curve in understanding the leadership and team competencies amidst Covid-19 but also post.  We can show you how we’ve worked with many organizations in this transition and believe we have a crystal ball into the future…insert; empathy, vulnerability, love…not measuring that on your leader teams?  We believe you should.  We can help.

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Executive Coaching

  • Need an executive coach?  Have someone on your team that needs to explore executive coaching?  You’ve come to the right place.

  • Again, no plug in play in any of the areas we play in.  We look at the individual, we get there are processes, that we are very well versed in, that will guide our approach and we may use them, but we may not.  We look at you or the person that you are seeking to develop as unique and as such, so are our solutions. 

  • Individual development is through deep introspection, assessment work, establishing deep psychological safety and trust.  We listen, hard.  We also aren’t shy to provide feedback.  We do believe the coachee may have the answers but we also believe, that our job is to help them get there.

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Public Speaking Coaching

  • This is what started Talk Talk the first time some 10 plus years ago!  Public speaking coaching.  I started Talk Talk because I was baffled by the art of public speaking.  So, I wrote a blog every day for a year as my own University into this art.  Whether you are a professional ‘talker’ or a novice wanting to learn a few tips before taking ‘stage’ we have a tried and tested approach that will get those butterflies flying in formation.  I’ve yet to work with an individual that this approach hasn’t worked with…whoa!  Yup, I said it.

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Video Story Telling

  • Have you deployed a big initiative in your organization?  You’ll want to Talk Talk about video as part of your ‘Keeping it Alive’ initiative!

  • If you’ve gone through the effort to develop a great new program…let’s say a new Performance Management Program, a Mentorship Program, a Leadership Development program etc.  what about bringing that program alive outside of the documents, files, training sessions.  What if, you could take that work and create a 20 minute Ted like Talk that would be a further resource, a supplementary resource to that program?  Well, we do that.  We create compelling, interesting, creative videos that support the programs that you’ve invested so much into as a means to keep that program alive for existing employees, newly onboarded employees and those that simply want a refresh without having to go through all of the paperwork to get there.  Oh, we customize this too!  It’s a great additional resource that has proven effective to keep programs alive post deployment.

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