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All profits of '365 Must-Know Talks of All Time' go to support The One Stop Special Needs Shop.  Talk Talk’s sister organization supports families with children and adults with special needs.  The One Stop Special Needs Shop grew from Caroline’s own story of having a child with special needs and a desire to create a purpose driven organization and life.  


After years of frustration of trying to understand the services offered for kiddos like her own, Atticus, Caroline decided that enough was enough!  It was time to create an organization that would support families from birth to adulthood in every way:  mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.  Caroline has drawn from her business acumen to create The One Stop Special needs shop, a profit organization.  This is how it works, a consultant is assigned to a family.  That consultant gets to know the needs of the person with special needs holistically then the consultant works alongside the family to provide all of the services they need.  The family doesn’t need to figure out who does what, is this a government funded service?  Is this something that could be subsidized?  Is there paperwork required?   Nope, we do it all for you, in tandem with you.  Having a special needs child can be incredibly stressful, we work to remove some of that by getting to know you and your families needs in a whole approach, rooted in kindness with a deep desire to help.

Come back often as we will be including more products that are quote based. 

Quote t-shirts, quote mugs…all rooted in those cool philosophers that we all love. 

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