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The Book

365 Must Know Talks of All Time

Forget the concept that only a chosen few are natural born public speakers. 365 Must Know Talks of All Time is a guide for anyone wanting to create and deliver amazeballs talks. Yes, even you!

365 Must Know Talks of All Time blossomed from a little idea Caroline Berglund had to blog every day for a year on a topic that scares the pants off most people—public speaking. For many, the mere thought of speaking in front of an audience induces anxiety, sweaty palms and the need for a defibrillator to be charged up within arm’s reach.

This second edition is based on an extensive analysis of some of the world’s best speakers living, dead and fictional. 365 talks were curated, watched, read, and analyzed. Berglund answers the questions of what Steve Jobs, Socrates, Martin Luther King Jr, Simon Sinek, Abraham Lincoln and more do and say in their talks that make us continue to discuss, revisit, and remember them so many years later.

So, what makes a talk memorable? Is it the content, ideas, body language, the character of the speaker or is there some other secret ingredient? In 365 Must-Know Talks of All Time, Berglund runs the gamut of history, philosophy, social media, and the written and spoken word to unearth some of the most significant talks ever given. The entries are thought-provoking and provide remarkable tales, practical insights and powerful tips for anyone looking to build the confidence to get up in front of a crowd and enhance their presentation prowess.

This book is for anyone that wants to reap the benefits of evolving into a speaker that creates buzz and does so in a way that is thought provoking, fun and filled with remarkable tales and practical insights.

Come back often as we will be including more products that are quote based. 

Quote t-shirts, quote mugs…all rooted in those cool philosophers that we all love. 

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